Emergency pet insurance and veterinary specialty care coverage

Just like human medicine, veterinary care is constantly advancing – including emergency rooms, urgent care, and veterinary care specialists. Embrace Pet Insurance offers emergency pet insurance and specialty pet care no matter where you go so you can rest easy knowing your pet is covered for every unexpected accident and illness.

dog and cat sitting together

Why insurance coverage for emergency and specialty veterinary care matters

Veterinarians at emergency and specialty hospitals are specialized, so it costs more to be seen and treated by them – the consultation and exam fee alone is often $100 or more. Embrace includes consultation and exam fee coverage in every policy at no additional cost with emergency vet insurance.

Embrace never requires you to have a referral for specialist care. There are no networks, so you’re free to use any vet that you choose.

Types of Veterinary Specialists

There are many types of veterinary specialists out there, and new ones being introduced as vet care advances. With Embrace, your pet is covered for:

  • Emergency & urgent care hospitals

  • Orthopedic specialists

  • Oncologists

  • Ophthalmologists

  • Radiologists

  • Internal medicine experts

  • Rehabilitation, physical therapy, & hydrotherapy facilities

  • And more

Emergency and specialty care insurance claim stories

Many of our pet parents have learned that accidents and illnesses do not wait for the vet’s regular business hours to strike.

Learn more about how Embrace Pet Insurance helped these policyholders afford the steep veterinary bill when an unexpected accident happened.

Cat struggles with multiple health problems
Todd- Domestic Longhair Cat

Vet Bill: $8,374.10

Embrace Paid: $5,779.24

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Cocker Spaniel
Ori - Cocker Spaniel

Vet Bill: $15,232.76

Embrace Paid: $11,426.21

Embrace Pet Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions or injury/illness that results from a pre-existing condition. Pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions depends on whether your pet’s pre-existing condition is curable or not. Insuring your pet with emergency pet insurance before an accident or illness happens is the best way to make sure you’re covered for the unexpected.

Contact Embrace Pet Insurance if you have any questions or want to get dog health insurance or other types of pet insurance.